Erotic Art

Risky Liaisons

Risky Liaisons' Damsels in Distress

Do you like your women looking innocent, voluptuous, and pretty enough to touch? So does Stormbringer, and I will have to ask for some of the pretty outfits in this series. Can you imagine big luscious tits held by calico cloth, and so pretty it would match my pink hair. I must have it!

String her up, and take her down, there are even stories about a MILF next door. Wait I have to ask Stormbringer what that is, oh I see a lady thatís experienced and a bit mature, but they sure are pretty and hot. Maybe I will look even better when I get older.

Before you get all tied up in the Memberís area, you might want to see some creative ways in tying knots. Want to learn how to tie your pretty up? I think I seen one luscious babe with her mouth taped shut. Come with me maybe we can rip the tape off her and ask how they kept her tied so tightly. Poor thing, donít feel too sorry for her she looks like she enjoys it.


It's All Coming Together!

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